Close / Open

Concrete, glass and stainless steel are the materials which still inspire me, without ever I used them in my works. I find in them this confrontation and conflict in the world witch I do not seek, and I’m just addicted to. Almost three years after my first solo exhibition in the gallery Rakursi, my personal perspective again facing the people, circumstances and “beautiful” prisons in which we live.

The words ‘close’/’open’, ‘win’/’lose’, ‘entrance’/’exit’, ‘office’/’home’ are those contrasts that already have the same values. The circle that constantly changed direction and meaning and fashion do not even exist.

Light is gloomy, peace is tense, the pressure is an authority. Searching in what’s been found, cravings in the rejections. The abandoned are happy. Which of these you prefer!

The exhibition “Close / Open” has a dual nature and is physically divided into two series – “Happy abandoned places” and “Close / Open”.